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Here you can see recent deposits, deposit payouts and affiliate rewards

Last deposits Latest payments
Time Transaction ID Amount Status
06/11/2021 2:39:38 AM
0.01281300 BTC 11:46:54
06/11/2021 1:47:05 AM
2457.78010500 DOGE 10:54:21
06/11/2021 1:44:18 AM
0.01948100 ETH 10:51:34
06/07/2021 10:32:42 PM
0.00730600 BTC 07:39:58
06/07/2021 10:16:30 PM
0.00602200 BTC 07:23:46
06/07/2021 9:23:20 PM
83.50 USD 06:30:36
06/07/2021 8:09:56 PM
0.83320000 LTC 05:17:12
Time Transaction ID Amount A type
06/11/2021 1:43:48 AM
80.00 USD Interest
06/11/2021 1:39:39 AM
2.19365000 LTC Interest
06/07/2021 9:32:42 PM
0.00096872 BTC Interest
06/07/2021 9:23:22 PM
46.00 USD Interest
06/07/2021 9:16:33 PM
0.07813950 LTC Interest
06/07/2021 8:06:56 PM
241.00 USD Interest
06/07/2021 9:19:34 AM
97.00 USD Interest


In this section we will try to answer all your questions.

  • Q1. How to get started?
    • If the user is going to become an investor in our company and agrees to invest personal funds in the activities of the organization, he needs to register on the site. Before starting this procedure, the user should be sure to familiarize himself with the Rules governing the relationship between the parties. If there is any doubt about the possibility of fulfilling at least one paragraph of the Rules, the user should reconsider his decision.

  • Q2. What is required for registration?
    • To register on the site, the client will need a few seconds to fill in the registration form field. The address or number of one of your BTC / ETH / LTC / DOGE / PM / PAYEER wallets should be indicated, without inaccuracies and typos. Further authorization in the account will proceed in the same way, after each authorization, check if you made a mistake when entering the wallet, since if you make mistakes, a new account will be registered and you can lose your deposit. Account wallet number cannot be changed.

  • Q3. Can I create multiple accounts?
    • Each participant can open one account for each available payment system, thus a total of 6 accounts are allowed to register (Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer). However, it should be remembered that when registering additional accounts, the use of your affiliate link is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the administration has the right to irrevocably block multiple accounts belonging to one user and freeze all his accounts.

  • Q4. Do you have an affiliate program?
    • Yes, we are interested in the fact that users invite other people to participate in our project. Information about referral levels, the amount of incentives and acceptable ways to attract members can be found on the same website, in the corresponding section.

  • Q5. Is $ 1 enough to replenish the deposit?
    • The minimum investment fee is $ 1. Also, you cannot transfer to the deposit an amount exceeding $ 50,000.

  • Q6. How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?
    • In accordance with the Company`s Rules of Operation, no more than 24 hours are given for the cryptocurrency payment procedure. But in practice, it takes no more than a few hours to process an application and transfer money directly. Payments to PerfectMoney and Payeer are paid instantly.

  • Q7. Do you guarantee the protection and safety of my personal data?
    • Yes, our company is responsible for the safety of clients` confidential information and ensures the maximum level of protection for all personal data. The information that the investor provides to the company when registering is transmitted through secure channels.

  • Q8. Is there protection against hacker attacks?
    • Yes, our company uses powerful software resources to protect its own digital property and investment deposits of site users from hacker attacks.

  • Q9. What payment systems does the site work with?
    • On the main page of our website there is a list of EPS, with which the company cooperates. The client can get acquainted with it at any time.

  • Q10. I have not found the answer to my question. How to be?
    • You can at any time consult with our support specialists and get answers to all your questions.